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Relaxation CD

In the last month I received two great reviews unsolicited from clients on the benefits of my Relaxation CD. One from a long time client and one from a new client of a few months. Both describe how effective the CD has been each and every time they play it. It is different every time and still effective. They put it on when they can’t settle, relax or centre. Or when they can’t get to sleep. One of those clients has been using it now for about three years, and it’s still effective.

So this made me think a little about my humble Relaxation CD. This CD is now eleven years old, and it is still going strong. It was way ahead of its time back then, and still now, to a lesser extent.

I use it myself when I find it hard to centre alone. That’s not too often but it can still happen sometimes. I have it on my iphone and so it’s available anytime I need it.

Does it matter that it’s my voice I’m hearing?
Not in the slightest.
Because it has nothing to do with who is talking but how it’s talking.

I mentioned eleven years ago in the promotional material of this CD on my website (which is still there today)

“Remember: For true relaxation – you do not need music, you do not need nice words. If you think it is the music and nice words that does the relaxation then I can almost guarantee you that whatever CDs you have, I bet you will quickly get bored with them and need to change them often. With this CD you do not need to change the words, or change any music. You can play it many, many times. Eventually you will probably not even listen to the words. As I’ve mentioned, the words are not as important.”

So it is nice to know that many people who have purchased the CD over the years, have proven the point, they still use it and it is still effective, not boring. (In fact I’m thinking of doing a survey soon to find out the exact figure from all the people who have purchased the CD.)

Eleven years ago, the term mindfulness was not as commonly used as it is today. Back then the word was ‘relaxation’, and the word ‘meditation’ was just beginning to be used.

Today the word is ‘mindfulness.’ I like this word. It is a far more accurate description as to what is going on or could go on, when you close your eyes.

Even though my relaxation CD is eleven years old now, I am planning to make a follow up to this program. One that goes deeper still, to another level. I will let you know (if you are on my email list) when this becomes available.

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