Energy Body Psychotherapy Workshop

Another Energy Body Psychotherapy weekend workshop completed recently that I ran on July 24/25 2010. The workshop was booked out with the maximum of eight people. It went very well. All eight were able to let go and release some very deeply held repressed parts of themselves which stopped them from feeling fully alive and embodied.

The workshop starts with some education on how we block feelings and what happens when we release them. I cover in detail the process the body goes through and why people develop deep unconscious blocks over time which leads to – feeling less authentic in their life and, if left untreated for too long, disease.

This is followed by paired exercises to help participants begin to feel comfortable with each other as well as begin to deepen into themselves. The Sunday is more enlivening and more expressive with more paired work as we go even deeper. The Sunday afternoon I work with each participant individually with the support of the rest of the group.

This is very deep and powerful work and very life transforming. I always feel deeply blessed to be part of a person’s journey as they take the courage to let go and free themselves.

The workshop combines all my background in Radix work, Somatics, Trauma Release Therapy, Energy Healing and other training and techniques brought in as required. Needless to say I highly recommend it!

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