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The ‘X’ Factor

The value of deep body based subconscious psychotherapy work begins to be apparent and it’s value important when people try to explain why a team didn’t perform at their best on a particular day. Why an athlete, normally on top of his or her game, doesn’t produce their best at the time that it’s required.

Or why a team is missing the ‘x factor’ when on paper the skills are all there. Or why is belief strong, or teamwork strong among a team or office department. This x factor, or invisible unseen element is the domain of body subconscious based work. At this seemingly unseen level, is where the missing ingredient is hiding, quietly having a massive influence on performance and execution levels of any sport or work project.

Talking about it is normally the first step, but the real work begins when the talking stops, and the person goes within, deeper, accessing the inner body where all the motivation, drive, energy and emotions are stored. This deeper level is highly active and influential in determining how things get done and so determines greatly the success of an athlete or worker on the task at hand.


I shouldn’t have to be writing about this topic this day and age but sadly I still need to bring some attention to it. I heard again from another client recently how other therapists that she had been to in the past, she felt had tried to ‘milk her’ of her money by making herContinue Reading

What’s one of the Best Books ever Written?

I often get asked by people and clients what books to read for personal development and healing. What books do I read? I have hundreds in my library from over 30 years of study, research and interest. I list a few on my main website. But if I had to pick just one book thatContinue Reading

Stopping yourself from going crazy

As my work evolves, I am noticing that I spend more time with clients helping them stay present and helping them not think about problems. It is such a conditioned response to try to think things through all the time. To try to work it out in the head. The quickest way to stop yourselfContinue Reading

Learning to be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

A big key lesson I’ve learned over the years, with my own process as well as clients. Is that being a little bit uncomfortable in any situation is necessary for real change. It is very important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable or messy, for a short period. It’s like when you decide to renovateContinue Reading


Welcome to my Weblog (blog). In this blog there will be much more information made available (than I can provide in my normal newsletter) for your health and wellbeing. The information will be related specifically to your mind/body connection as well as your emotions and spirit. (We can’t leave those out!) The aim of thisContinue Reading