Welcome to Relaxed Mind with George Gintilas. George’s private practice is at the Elwood Centre for Wellbeing in Melbourne Australia. On this site you will find educational and support material in the areas of Mindfulness, Somatics, Body Psychotherapy, Meditation and Emotional health and wellbeing. Learn to access yourself in deeper ways to heal a host of ailments in a holistic and natural way. The way nature intended.

The frontiers of how human beings behave, heal and advance is continually expanding as my work and research continues. Even after 28 years in private practice and having helped thousands of clients one-on-one, this work is still very much pioneering. For greater health, fulfillment and freedom in your mind, body and life, join me in learning new and deeper ways of being and healing, only some of which are (after 30 years) now becoming common place (think Mindfulness). There are much more accessible ways within you to heal that you have probably never realised, or knew you could access. As this pioneering research and work continues, more breakthroughs are coming  (and some are already here) and this is wonderful indeed.” George Gintilas

I’ll be appearing on T.V (Channel 31) in Melbourne from December 24th 2019 for five episodes. I’m being interviewed about self healing and personal development. The show is called Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle. Episodes will also be available on Youtube afterwards.

View my segments on GET A LIFE wellbeing TV show (in Episodes 7, 8 and 9 of Season 1) at www.getalife.tv
Get A Life TV Show

My “Healing Your Subconscious” three part TV program is available on YouTube. Learn about the parts of your brain and where deeper healing originates.
(20,000+ views)

Another TV interview that is available to view in full. Titled “Coming Into Presence“. Learn more about my work and how it can help you.

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