Watching and feeling natural movement – for keeping stress away

There is a natural rhythm that your body loves. Anything outside that speed is great in short bursts, but prolonged pushing (fast) or hiding (slow) speed, creates undue stress in your body that creates health and mental health problems long term.

Some good ways to help this balance is to watch more natural movement. Computer/Mobile speed creates stress. Your body never relaxes if you are staring at a computer screen for a lot of your working day or evening. TV and computer speed is mostly fast mind speed. A lot of information coming at your brain at a rapid rate.

To counter this, allow yourself to experience more natural movement throughout your day. A few suggestions.
Take time to watch:

Waves on a beach.
Trees and leaves swaying in the wind.
Ripples on a lake.
Water trickling in a stream.
The sun glisten on water.
Clouds moving by in the sky.
The sun setting.
The stillness and expanse of the night sky and stars.
Your breathing in meditation.

And do this, not just for 5 seconds, but a few minutes at a time.

This helps to counteract the human-made speed of machines, work pressure, other racing minds and helps re calibrate you to your natural body’s internal healthier speed.

Body Mindfulness practice helps to bring your body back to its natural healthy rhythm by cutting back the extreme opposites (going too fast or going too slow.) As you focus more on your body and less on your intellect, you begin to feel the pace of your body, that your intellect has a good habit of all too often, overriding.

You cannot heal yourself through your intellect’s speed. So slow down throughout the day. It sounds like a very simple thing to do and yet, we don’t do it often enough for our own long-term. But it is very necessary because of the overuse and speed of technology.

A body mindfulness meditation is also one perfect way to help do this. By focusing on your own body’s natural speed. Your breathing is the easiest movement to notice. Then your heart beat. Also the pulsation of your blood flow throughout your body.

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