Are you a Meditator?: What it says about you…

The Self Healing Meditation Classes are chugging along nicely at my centre here in Melbourne twice a month. Averaging about 16 people a class.

If you are a person who Meditates, what it says about you is this:
that you know deep down that you are not your thoughts, that you are something greater and deeper than that. That you are a being that thinks, rather than just a thinking robotic machine.

This ‘being’ in you, that resides throughout your entire body holds the key to your fulfillment in life. It is your spirit. The real you. Taking time out to contact this directly is the road to complete freedom. Along that road you will bump up against the road blocks of your past. The blocks you put up to survive but which you then forgot to take down afterwards.

This class gives you the time and space to firstly remember who you truly are, get in contact with the real you again, and then take time to release the old road blocks that are not helping you move forward today.

I look forward to helping you further along your journey.

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