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Getting Present through your Body

“As a path to mindfulness, body awareness offers a natural route. This is because, at its core, mindfulness is about living with greater presence, which is a natural state for our bodies, which are moving in the here and now. It is only our thoughts that can drift off into the past or the future.”

(Noa Belling, The Mindful Body, 2018)

Mindfulness is about being fully aware of what is happening in this very moment. As Noa says, the body is one of the best vehicles for doing this. When you look or feel into your body you are noticing what is happening right now in this moment. Your body will also show and feel the history you haven’t let go of from the past, but it will do all that right now in this moment.

If you can observe your body without judgment, analysis or a story, and just feel what’s there right now this moment, you will deepen your capacity to free the load of the past and the worry about the future. This reality check with your body as it is now can help to break the old cycles and programs in your mind that are at the cause of much stress, strain, disease and malfunction.

So what are you noticing in your body right now?

Stop reading right now and just feel down and in – for say 30 seconds or more.


What are you noticing in your body now? Feel and tell the truth to yourself……..

Face a bit of what’s there…….

Accept it right now…….

Be with it – right now…….

And watch what happens. What moves by itself?

Keep breathing and allow more of the repair of your body and mind.

Releasing the Past, by Coming into the Present

“If we know how to touch the present deeply, we can touch the past, and even transform it.” (Thich Nhat Hanh, How To Fight, 2017) The present moment is all that is ever real. What you are reading now is all that is real in this moment. What just happened or is about to happenContinue Reading

The Five Checks to do Every Morning

Starting your day with a body mindfulness connection makes a huge difference to how well your day flows and how productive you are. The core questions to ask, and areas to check each morning are (in order of importance): How grounded am I? That is how well are you earthed to the ground. How solidContinue Reading

Connecting Deeper and Lowering Suicide Rates

I was alarmed by the figures of youth suicide reported in the paper in Melbourne today. 3,128 (aged 15-44) died by suicide in a single year. This is almost three times the amount of deaths from car accidents each year. Every day, there are about 8 suicides and 180 attempts. So that means that thereContinue Reading

Body Mindfulness – Healing Everything in the Here and Now

After a long pause, this blog is back again. I haven’t gone away, the educational process has continued but the information has been published in other ways, mainly through my email newsletter subscriptions and now a bit more through Facebook. But now it is back here again here to offer more ongoing support and materialContinue Reading

Are you living your life your way?

“If you keep your attention in the body as much as possible, you will be anchored in the Now. You wont lose yourself in the external world and you won’t lose yourself in your mind. Thoughts and emotions, fears and desires, may still be there to some extent, but they wont take you over.” (Continue Reading

Enter The Quiet that is already there

In my research travels I came across a quote recently that is worth noting here. “Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there – buried under 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day”. Deepak Chopra This is very trueContinue Reading

What do you give Space for?

What do you give Space for? You know what you give money for and what you give your time for but, what do you give space for? What is in your life that you stop, relax and open up to just being with? This question will point you towards how mindfully and embodied you liveContinue Reading

Learning to Let Things Happen

Learning to let go the over-use of the intellect isn’t easy in this day and age. But it is a must if you want life to flow more effortlessly and to be able to make better decisions in all areas of your life. Changing on the inside also doesn’t have to be a big effortContinue Reading

Experiencing the Present Moment

One of the crucial benefits of mindfulness meditation and mindfulness based therapy is that it helps you to experience the present moment. As Eckhart Tolle says: “You only ever experience the present moment, or rather what happens in it. If you go by direct evidence only, then there is no time, and the Now isContinue Reading