“I never knew that was there!”

This weekend (August 21/22 2010) I just completed running another Energy Body Psychotherapy Workshop with eight amazing participants. (Plus one fantastic assistant.) The bond, safety and caring created by the whole group was beautiful to be part of and experience. And the releases that each and everyone of them freed up in themselves was powerful and deeply moving.

One of the comments that came up regularly after a deep process was “I never knew that was there”.

I’ve heard this a lot over the years from clients. And it again highlights how well we as human beings are able to suppress and hide deep emotional wounds, from ourselves. So we go about our lives thinking we are okay because we are functional, but deep down the nagging problems, behaviours, dramas, reactions and diseases that we can’t shake off, are still there.

Accessing this core material requires much deeper work, and it requires getting deeply in touch with the body inside. Doing this with just talking doesn’t do it for a lot of people. To get deep inside your body, you must engage it fully. That means adding sound, movement, feeling, touch, energy and contact with the intellect thinking.  Doing this means often, we are awakening the inner child within. Accessing and awakening the younger part of your nervous system so you can finally heal yourself where it counts.

So if you do still have nagging problems after many years of working on yourself. Just know that deep within you there is a layer or two that is still active and still influencing your current behaviour. And it may be time to go much deeper.

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