New Self Healing Meditation Class

The responses so far to this new class have been very positive. People feelings some real differences and shifts. So much so that I have had to run another class this week to accommodate everyone on the waiting list. And that class is almost full too. So, needless to say, I am very happy with the response so far.

This is a new Healing Meditation type class designed to help you self-heal. It is a combination of all my experience is various therapies and practices over 20+ years. It encompasses your mind, body, emotions and spirit. A holistic approach.

No one can heal you but you. This class provides a space to help you focus silently, deeply, within for an hour at a time. And with some guidance and the group energy, assist yourself to accept and then release deep old habitual blocks that have been holding you back from being more of your real self.

These old holdings are the accumulation of unfinished business that most people have learned to conveniently push aside in order to get on with their lives. Only these issues do not go away, they just fester and build on-top of each other, weighing you down more and more as you live your life.

All anxieties, depression, worry, negativity, reactivity, suffering, most physical problems, even diseases and health, all have an inner component that can be accessed and released and healed. I have seen it many times in my practice over and over, people healing things that have plagued them with no resolution for years.

This is a powerful process to help you get back more of who you truly are, aliven yourself, free yourself and feel lighter freer, happier, healthier and more at peace than ever before.

The class is run at the Elwood Centre for Wellbeing – 1B, 41 Glenhuntly Road, Elwood in Melbourne, Australia.
On the first and third Monday nights of each month. 7.30pm to 9pm+
Each class is limited to 20 people. So booking is essential.

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