Body Mindfulness – Healing Everything in the Here and Now

After a long pause, this blog is back again. I haven’t gone away, the educational process has continued but the information has been published in other ways, mainly through my email newsletter subscriptions and now a bit more through Facebook. But now it is back here again here to offer more ongoing support and material to help you in your goals and life.

I have written a lot about mindfulness over the years and this is because of my weekly Mindfulness class which I run here in Melbourne at the Shambhala Centre, now it its seventh year running. Much of the blog information on mindfulness here on this page came from my Mindfulness newsletter. And resuming again today this will be no exception.

I love what learning body mindfulness and practicing regularly can do for people. Note that there is a big difference between just doing Mindfulness and, doing BODY Mindfulness. My expertise is in the body psychotherapies and that is all body mindfulness.

The more you practice body mindfulness the more the following paragraphs will begin to make sense.

The beauty of working with body mindfulness is it’s continual focus on your present moment sensations and feelings in your body now. If you want to work on any issue from past, present or future, if you think of it for a moment…it is always happening in your body NOW in this moment. Eckhart Tolle puts it well “Only the present can free you of the past”.

Anything you want resolved within you, focusing on your present moment body sensations that are here right NOW, is the big key.Why? Because it is always happening in your body right now. Anything unresolved that you haven’t let go of in the past, your body is still being affected by it now, in this moment, right now. In reality there is no past or future, It is all present now.

So as often as possible, come back to the here and now in your body.

“Attention is essential, but not to the past as past” (Tolle)
Your present moment experience in your body will reveal what ‘past’ stress is in your body right now. So face the here and now in your body and you heal the past (and future) simultaneously. The more you live in your mind/intellect, the more the above paragraphs will not make sense. Because you will be convinced that the past and future are real.  But they actually are not. They are just thought forms in your head. Memories.

Confused a little? Your intellect might be 🙂 because it is the creator of past and future thought forms and memories. But they are not now and never will be.

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