Getting Present through your Body

“As a path to mindfulness, body awareness offers a natural route. This is because, at its core, mindfulness is about living with greater presence, which is a natural state for our bodies, which are moving in the here and now. It is only our thoughts that can drift off into the past or the future.”

(Noa Belling, The Mindful Body, 2018)

Mindfulness is about being fully aware of what is happening in this very moment. As Noa says, the body is one of the best vehicles for doing this. When you look or feel into your body you are noticing what is happening right now in this moment. Your body will also show and feel the history you haven’t let go of from the past, but it will do all that right now in this moment.

If you can observe your body without judgment, analysis or a story, and just feel what’s there right now this moment, you will deepen your capacity to free the load of the past and the worry about the future. This reality check with your body as it is now can help to break the old cycles and programs in your mind that are at the cause of much stress, strain, disease and malfunction.

So what are you noticing in your body right now?

Stop reading right now and just feel down and in – for say 30 seconds or more.


What are you noticing in your body now? Feel and tell the truth to yourself……..

Face a bit of what’s there…….

Accept it right now…….

Be with it – right now…….

And watch what happens. What moves by itself?

Keep breathing and allow more of the repair of your body and mind.

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