I haven’t been in this body for a long time

“I haven’t been in this body for a long time.”

Such was the comment from a client recently in her first session when she came in for some work after a long layoff.

This is such a great realisation, to realise that you haven’t been in your body ‘for a long time’. Just realising this means that she has become aware of her still presence that inhabits her body, separate from the busy trillions of cells working away making the body function as one whole unit. She now has some space and access to the workings of the cells in her body and so access to the dysfunctions there, most which have been neglected for ‘a long time.’

Mindfulness body based therapy work helps to bring focus back onto what really matters in your body. By stopping, slowing down, listening and ‘being with’ your body, you allow powerful healing to occur, many times without having to do anything specifically.

If it is so beneficial to be in your body, why would you not spend more time in it?
People don’t I have found, because of two major reasons:
1. You’ve never grown up making this a habit. You’ve never been taught the importance of doing this, because others around you never knew how either.
2. You’ve had some strong traumatic or painful experience in the past.
And the only and best way you knew how to cope was to escape and not be in your body.

Living in your body is the best way to live, it is also the most effective, the most beneficial, the most healthy and the most fulfilling way to be and function. I can say this from experience and the feedback from thousands of clients over the years. Why would you want to be any other way, all in your poor over worked head?

When you get a sniff of what’s possible with this work, you’re on your way to a whole new more productive way of working and living. But even with such benefits, doing this work still takes some time to break the old habits.
The old habits of:
1/ trying to work it all out with thinking just in your head and,
2/ vacating your body and living outside of it.

These habits can be hard to break. Especially when the majority of the population around you are doing just that.

My advice? Ignore the majority. Follow your instinct and heart and watch what a huge difference it makes. Watch how much more calmer you become, how much smarter, more emotionally intelligent, much more real, human and healthier all around.

You don’t have to wait for more studies to prove all this. Even though they are coming through now more and more.

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