Joseph Campbell – That ‘still’ place

I was reading a little of Joseph Campbell recently. For those who don’t know, Campbell was a very highly regarded American Professor and writer who specialised in the fields of comparative mythology and religion. A brilliant man and observer of life.

From his book ‘The Hero’s Journey’ Joseph Campbell talking about his early years as a very good fast track and field runner says:

“There has got to be a still place in there and the movement has to take place around it. I lost two races that were very important to me because I lost the still place. The race was so important that I put myself out there to win the race instead of to run the race. And the whole thing got thrown off.”

This is such a great explanation of what often happens when you lose that still centered place within your body and you allow life and thoughts to take over. Whenever you work ahead of yourself, (already at the destination in your head) that you lose sight of the present moment in your body now, things don’t work as well. You lose clear creative thinking and the quality of your decision making drops. Why? Because you are not operating in true present reality and you are not operating from the still quiet place within you and your body.

MIndfulness Mediation and Body Psychotherapy work helps to change this.

For when you run the race mindfully (staying and responding to your body in the present moment along the way,) it increases your chances, that by the finish line, you’ll be up front and in the winning position

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