Experiencing the Present Moment

One of the crucial benefits of mindfulness meditation and mindfulness based therapy is that it helps you to experience the present moment.

As Eckhart Tolle says:
“You only ever experience the present moment, or rather what happens in it. If you go by direct evidence only, then there is no time, and the Now is all there ever is.”
(A New Earth, p206)

Why is experiencing the present moment a benefit? Because in this moment is where everything arises. All of reality is experienced in it. And if that is where reality is, then that is where you have the most control available to you, where you can heal and release stresses and issues that you have ‘trapped in time’ in the cells of your body.

You have parts within you that still think it is 2004, or 1998 or 1982! And of course it isn’t – it is now – yet your old trapped parts within your body are still reacting like it is another time.

Taking time out to come into the present moment here and now in your body is one of the greatest antidotes to stress, anxiety, unhappiness, old behavioural issues, and many illnesses.

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