The Presence of the Therapist

In Body Psychotherapy work we work with the body process in a very deep way. This deep way is actually a deeper state of being. You could call it a subconscious state of presence and mind. The therapist cannot help the client in this space unless they are there in that state at the same time.

A client cannot be in his or her body working through an old pattern while the therapist is working and operating from their head. For real results, this cannot work effectively, the client will know, sense when the therapist is not there with them, and then likely pull back themselves.

I notice this very easily and instantly when I work with pets. Cats and dogs mostly. (Yes, body psychotherapy work can be used on cats and dogs for anxieties!) If I am present in my body – placing a hand on for example, a dog, and working with them, the dog senses the contact instantly, and if I am present enough, normally allows it. In fact often they want more and let themselves go. They enter that presence state and let my fingers/hands guide them through their stress.

If I am not in that state deep enough, the dog will instantly feel it and pull back. They know what is real contact and fake shallow head stuff contact. You can’t fool an animal.

This ties into the old saying – ‘you cannot take someone where you yourself have not been.’ (Something like that.) If the therapist has not been to that deep place themselves, there is no way the subconscious body of the client (or animal) will go there. No matter how much the client wills it with their thinking and head.

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