The Thin Veil of our Inner Prisons

Imagine feeling a feeling or an emotion that feels painful and you decide – ‘Oh! I don’t like this feeling.’ And you quickly close it down to not feel it. ‘Oh! that doesn’t feel good, I don’t want to feel that!’ So you suppress it or deny it, or distract yourself with something else quickly (a smoke, alcohol, food, drugs, TV, work etc.)

By that very action you have now just limited yourself, imprisoned yourself behind a wall or iron bars. A prison that now has you living less fully than who you really are.

But what if you had a safe place to go to where you could actually go through that painful feeling, release it, complete it, and do it in many cases quite quickly. I have observed many times in sessions, people/clients face and go through, a past scary feeling and then afterwards feel ‘Was that it? What was I afraid of all these years!’ (A result of the intellect making it out to be much BIGGER than it actually was.)

Sometimes this release is up and out in a few minutes. Sometimes seconds! Then it’s over. That old wall you built to protect yourself is not required anymore.


I know this feeling very well. Having gone through this process many times myself. The freedom is physical, a lightness, and mental, peace of mind (nice peaceful blank head space, on-going everyday.) It’s even emotional – fewer dramas with people as there are fewer reactions.

So whenever you feel you have to keep holding on, hiding, protecting yourself. Know that there are now options to help you release this fully. Some of your walls can be cleared in one session, some need more time. But they CAN be cleared. I did it. And many of my clients have done it and are still doing it.

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