Learning to be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

A big key lesson I’ve learned over the years, with my own process as well as clients. Is that being a little bit uncomfortable in any situation is necessary for real change.

It is very important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable or messy, for a short period.

It’s like when you decide to renovate a room or house. You don’t, not do it, because the place will get messy, and your possessions and natural habitat will be disturbed, you factor that in. You prepare yourself for all the tradesmen, the mess, the mistakes, the unexpected things that may go wrong and the disruption to your normal routine. When you know that this is normal and part of change, then it becomes ok. You learn to flow with it. There is an end goal in mind. And you normally get there. And once the dust settles, things are better than ever before.

Your personal wellbeing is the same. If you are willing to face some temporarily uncomfortable situation, you give yourself a chance to break through and free to new levels of functioning and satisfaction in your life.

Make the uncomfortable feeling okay. Know that any real change requires facing this feeling and the emotions that arise. Once you get comfortable with being uncomfortable there will be less emotion too. You will flow with the tide and land on your feet a freer happier person.

Inner renovation normally creates a brief period of messiness. This is normal. Embrace it and you will grow and move yourself towards your goals much quicker.

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