The ‘Magic’

I’m continually impressed and satisfied (even after over twenty years) with the results that this work creates for people and the one-on-one clients that I see during the week.

That old habit of analysing things and trying to work it out in the head, once that is put to bed, the real healing begins to take place, or as some clients call it, ‘the magic happens’.

And to the intellect this does some like magic, because ‘it’ isn’t doing the work. It feels automatic and so it is labeled  ‘magic’. But as I mentioned to one client this week, we don’t go around every moment of the day thinking that our heart beating is magic. We forget about it, we take it for granted. We forget just how sophisticated our subconscious bodymind is. Then in sessions when we turn it back onto your inner needs and goals, more of that magic kicks in and it seems amazing.

I’m continually excited when I make more breakthroughs in this method, advance the work further (even more so currently with the research and writing of my first book – to be released soon) and especially when I help people that have ‘tried everything’, as I often hear.

There is a very deep reward in this work, a very deep feeling of being and depth to the soul that opens up that is nourished in sessions, that also beautifully, spills over onto myself. This is such a healing and enlivening state, everyone should be feeling this at least once in their day.

It helps to keep you young, free, happier and healthier in mind, body and spirit. Its a sipping (or even better, drinking) of the life force that permeates you all day and everyday.

It speeds up healing and it works wonders for your health!

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