Subconscious Conflicts – Road Blocks to your Goals

Do you have trouble achieving your goals?

Achieving goals is a step at a time process. Making decisions in each moment that are aligned with your aims. However the subconscious within you is also trying to get its needs and aims met. Many of them set a long time ago (from childhood).

So often those aims are in conflict with your present day goals and wishes. So you have road blocks within you. Your subconscious often will not allow you to achieve your aims (whether they are career, financial, relationship or health related) unless its  more urgent needs are met.

This work provides the conditions to help you resolve the subconscious needs within you, helping to heal your subconscious body, freeing the way to achieving your deepest goals and wishes.

This cannot be done consciously. It requires involving your body, emotions and spirit at a deeper level. This deeper level is the mindfulness, alpha/theta frequency level of your mind and body. Working at this level allows for the real changes and releases to occur.

This has been my expertise and specialty for the last 21 years. Helping people access areas deep within their subconscious body where the conflict and forgotten, unmet needs reside.

Fighting with this part doesn’t work.
Drugging it is not the answer either.

It is a real unfinished need, deep within you. And it is waiting to be heard, met and healed.

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