Staying vital and alive for a lot longer, as you age

“There’s …a difference between extending life and prolonging vitality. We’re capable of both, but simply keeping people alive – decades after their lives have become defined by pain, disease, frailty, and immobility – is no virtue.”

(David A. Sinclair PhD, Lifespan, 2019)

Australian researcher Dr Sinclair has just released a book on his research into extending life and vitality and he has made a few breakthroughs. He says,

“Many of my colleagues agree. There is no biological law that says we must age. Those who say there is, don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Dr Sinclair believes ageing is a disease and not an inevitability, and that he has managed to reverse ageing in mice. He says prolonged vitality will include more active, more healthy and many more happy years and it is coming sooner than most people expect.

I’ve long believed that as time goes by, you have more years to actually get healthier as long as you are doing the biological natural things that create this. With the proof that our brains can continue to grow and evolve indefinitely, we know now that you are not condemned to growing painfully old as was once thought.

Dr Sinclair is applying some of these breakthroughs to himself and says he is now 50 years old and feels like a kid.

Creating good stress in your body helps – intermittent fasting, regular intense exercise and lowering the temperature of the room to make your body work a little harder.
I would add – a good mindfulness practice and regular access to your hidden emotional blocks and traumas that over stress your body (the bad stress) for prolonged periods of time.

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