Humanity/Healing – compared to – Medical/Medicine.

“My training as a doctor focused almost exclusively on science, relegating everything else to, at best, second-class status. When treatments didn’t work, instead of recognizing the impact of societal, cultural and systemic factors or limitations of our research and care, we blamed the patient or moved on to a better case.”

(Dr Louise Aronson, Elderhood, 2019)

Dr Aronson is a professor of medicine at the University of California. She has numerous awards including the Gold Professorship in Humanism in Medicine.

Her book is another clear case study in the difference between medical medicine and humanity and healing. And the reason I chose her quote today is to help reeducate you further in your own self healing abilities, which you will not readily learn from the established medical norm.

She says, “Like many doctors, I went into medicine because I wanted to help people. And like many medical students, I quickly discovered that medical education is more about chemical structures and biology, diseases and organs, than about humanity and healing.”

Connecting deeper with your humanity is key to deep inner self healing. A Body Mindfulness practice is an avenue to tapping this inner healing ability that you carry around within you every moment of every day. You have the ability to heal remarkable things within you and Dr Aronson is yet another highly respected doctor that verifies this.

Continue to believe that with deep inner focus, you can heal yourself in ways medicine cannot yet comprehend. But you have to do the deeper work and for it to go deep you need to sit with yourself through everything that arises, comfortable or uncomfortable and do it regularly. Even when the results are not yet showing up.

You can do it, I know you can. I’ve seen it time and again with many people.

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