Releasing Blocked Emotion is Critical to the Mind Body Connection

With one of the orders for my Guided Self Healing CD this week, the customer mentioned that he had come across my YouTube videos and interview. He said that my approach seemed to tie in with a book that he had just read: “The Biology of Belief”, by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD.
Bruce trained as a “Darwinian” biologist and discovered that every body cell has receptors which govern its behavior and respond powerfully to emotional energy which is subconscious.

My reply was that Yes! indeed, my work definitely ties in with Bruce Lipton. I have read his book and seen him live and it is good to see a respected scientist finally starting to ‘get it’. (For his troubles he was shunned out of his University post.) But I put my hand out to Bruce for following his truth and not sticking within the limits of the old medical model box.

Also I’d recommend looking up the work of Candice Pert and her book, ‘Molecules of Emotion’. More proof from a respected scientist that our mind and body are truly connected.

The scientific world will eventually catch up and realise that your mind is in your entire body and that every cell has intelligence to listen to your mind there. And that releasing blocked/unresolved emotion is critical in creating this mind body connection.

Block your feelings and you block your connection to the intelligence of your entire body. Free your feelings and you begin to tap an incredible power house of energy and healing that you can guide to heal whatever you want.

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