Combining Powerful Therapeutic Approaches for Better Results

I reminded myself again today just how well my therapeutic work, specifically the P.S.H. Therapy and the Body Psychotherapy work combine so well together.

One is a great tool to bypass the intellect and drill down straight to the feeling cause of a problem (PSH) and the other is a great tool at keeping a person in their body present enough, for this to happen effectively.

Most people do the P.S.H. Therapy three session process first. If that process isn’t showing results within a month or two, then I bring in the Body Psychotherapy work to help them stay in their body better, to clear the original cause more effectively. The original cause of a problem very often releases in a minute. Once that release has occurred, then you give your body time to work through all the adjustments and renovations required to clear it out of your system fully.

It can be hard to tell if the cause has been released, which is why I give the person at least a month to see what changes arise. After the month, the client rings me for a follow up call, a stock take, to work out what has happened. From that call, there a number of ways things can go. Some of the typical options:

If things are…..
1. Going amazingly well! – Give it 12 months for the full effect, no more sessions required
2. Noticing some improvement, going okay – Give it another month and check in again
3. Not quite 100% – Book in a fourth session
4. Still very stuck – Move onto the second stage, Body Psychotherapy three session process

Sadly, some people do not ring back after a month, and then ten months later, I receive my questionnaire back from them with feedback that the sessions didn’t help them much. If only they had rung and went that next step. Most of the people that do ring back when there is little shifting, make big breakthroughs when they move onto the Body Psychotherapy process. Like one client commented after their stage two sessions, “Yep, that did it George!”

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