Taking the Inner Risk that Heals

It takes courage for some people to come and see me for sessions.  Even though a person may have a problem, whether it is mental/emotional/physical/spiritual or a health medical issue, that is the cause of great pain and suffering, it still can feel scary to have sessions. Even though you know it can help greatly and even heal the problem completely, the mind can still hold you back from taking action.


Because deep down you know that something has to change, that something has to be faced and let go. And that is very risky. The risk is that you will feel something that you have been trying hard for years to hide away and keep under wraps. In order to heal, you may have to feel a little of this, of what you have been doing your best not to feel for decades.

Good therapy work and good therapists, know how to help you face and take a risk that is manageable. A good therapist will help you safely face a manageable chunk of risky feelings and territory, that you locked away long ago.

Taking inner risks in a safe environment, with someone you can trust, who will be there for you whatever comes up, is a big thing, and it is extremely healing when such risk, releases old diseased and long forgotten areas and feelings within you.

That’s the bottom line with deep healings (ones that medical doctors scratch their heads and cant explain how it happened), the client took an inner risk  to open, access, release and heal areas they never felt comfortable doing with, with anyone else before.

So when a client comes in, sits down and says, “I was feeling very nervous about coming here today!” Or, “My mind was saying, as I was driving here, why are you going!? You don’t need this! It won’t do anything, you’re okay!” I have to smile, and I know that the client is right on track and ready to take that inner risk that will heal.

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