The difference with Body Psychotherapy

I have often in the past (not much any more) been asked what the difference is between a Psychologist and what I do as a Body Psychotherapist. This is a very simple question to answer.

A Psychologist generally learns cognitive intellect thinking tools to help clients handle a particular problem or behaviour. They offer tools and strategies to help keep a problem in check with your mind.

A Body Psychotherapist works with the whole body condition and blocks that are causing the original behaviour and helps eliminate the original cause and original trauma, releasing it.

Releasing it emotionally (by processing and releasing feelings), physically (by processing and releasing body movements) and mentally (by processing and releasing core beliefs).

So the focus in the session is on processing and permanently healing the problem. A Body Psychotherapist doesn’t focus on ‘tools’, because once it’s gone, you don’t often need tools to cope anymore. With this work, the problem is either gone or lessened enough to not be a big problem anymore.

Body Psychotherapy is a very mindfulness based process. Often in sessions there is not much discussion but a lot is happening and releasing. And the results show up afterwards. Sometimes instantly.

In Body Psychotherapy, what you feel in your body – Sensations and Movements, and what you feel emotionally, are much more important than what you think about a problem.


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