HEAL Documentary

“Your body loves you, it loves you unconditionally, and it’s not letting you down. Have patience and have compassion. Take one day at a time, you’re going to get there. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been sick, you can heal, and always remember that, and never forget it.”

Anthony Williams from the movie documentary, HEAL (2017)

I just finished watching a very good documentary on alternative health titled HEAL. It was released in 2017 and can be currently viewed on Netflix or Youtube (for a fee).

This documentary is very aligned with my experience in my 30 years of private practice with how we heal and why that is. It is an exciting time to be in the health industry as more and more people begin to discover how to really heal themselves.

Doing a mindfulness practice is one of the central components to deep permanent healing of issues and diseases that we once thought needed constant medication (with side effects) just to keep in check.

The power of your (1) inner belief system and (2) your past traumas, are affecting your health way much more than you probably ever realised. By deeply facing past physical trauma and past emotional trauma you can heal a whole battery of illnesses that before were confined to the medical doctors office, medications and hospitals.

Learning to go deeper within your body and mind is one of the biggest roads to better health. Take time to continually learn the language of your body and mind. You have the ability to access it more than ever before. The medical model teaches you to keep it separate from you. But it is not separate from you, unless you deliberately ignore it, which most people have done in the past.

Connecting back with your body gives you aces to deep power to transform and heal any illness. The HEAL documentary is a great step forward in opening up to a deeper real long lasting healthier life.

View the HEAL trailer here:

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