Taking real control of your health

“In a meditative state of mind, we can become aware that we are not a body, but rather limitless, non-local awareness animating or residing as a body. Resting in the spacious flow of loving awareness – which some call God – we discover that we already have, right now within us, everything we could possibly be looking for.”

Russell Targ, Limitless Mind, (2004)

How is it that you can be deeply aware of your body in a meditative mindful state? What part of you is watching the different parts of your body? How is it that you can focus on a big toe and feel it from the inside and then easily switch to another part of your body, say a shoulder and, accurately feel what is happening in there?

You can say the brain is receiving signals through the nervous system which the brain then interprets as a sensation. But who receives that information? Where are you in the physical body? Where is this awareness that knows the sensations?

This is the age old question. You’ve probably heard it before, that no surgeon when cutting open a body and looking inside, has yet to find the seat of awareness. And that’s because it isn’t material matter. It is another form of matter, one which (compared to physical matter) is invisible and formless.

How can something be invisible and formless? Microwaves are, X-rays are, Radio waves are, TV broadcasts are, Wifi signals are, sun rays are, electromagnetic waves are, and on the list goes.

We use different machines to receive and read those invisible waves. We use a body mindfulness meditation practice to contact and feel your real invisible aware self, throughout your body and even beyond, outside of your body.

This invisible awareness – the real deeper you – has access to your whole body. So you can visit any part, diseased or healthy and work on repairing it. Work on healing the trauma that damaged the part. You are that powerful. That ability is already there within you.

How much of this real aware you you have access to, shows up in the history and health of your body. Your body is always a walking history of how conscious you are. How embodied and at home the real you is in your body. The more ‘ín’ your body you are, the healthier and more vibrant it will look, feel and be.

One of the most healthy beneficial practices you can do each morning (or any time during the day) is to stop, close your eyes and check in with yourself, and ask the question – how much of me is in my body now? 10%?, 40%?, 60%?

The higher the percentage, the more effective you will be and the more healthier your body will function. There will be fewer parts out lost on their own without proper direction. Fewer parts clashing with one another and fewer parts accumulating more damage.

So scan your body with this non-local, non-material awareness and find areas that you have neglected, breathe into them, reclaim them and allow them to reconnect to your entire body. If there is a lot to clean up, this won’t always initially be a pleasant experience. But it will be worth it.

This to me is the real meaning of the term ‘ taking control of your health.’

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