Consolidation Meditations

In this post I’d like to focus a little on Consolidation Meditations.

What is that?

Once you learn to release within you, it can get addictive to keep releasing continually. Doing this to much can fragment or destabalise you. So it is good to stop occasionally and do a few meditations for consolidation. That is, for pulling together all the gains you have made and bringing them more into alignment with each other.

It’s like the cleanup after a lot of good work has been done. Pulling together all the little pieces you have released and teased out – all back into one piece again.

Most people need help with learning how to release, so I emphasise this aspect much more in sessions, to make it easier to let go. But once you can do that, then consolidations are important. Without the ability to release, consolidation meditations will not do much for you, they will at best help you keep the status quo, and sometimes this is important especially when you have been run ragged at work or very stressed.

Over consolidating brings no change, just the status quo. No movement, no growth. That can become a stuck and rigid place to be in. But coupled with release work it becomes a powerful tool to help feel the full richness of the gains you have made.

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