The big value of that ‘after lunch’ meditation

I mentioned to the group in a Mindfulness Meditation class recently how I do many 10-20 minute meditations throughout the week. Then on a class one night last month when I had almost an hour, my body really let go further and I almost fell asleep while sitting in the chair monitoring the group.

What it told me was, that I really needed that longer deeper mindful rest. The cells of my body lapped it up and I blanked out for a short period. Needless to say after that hour I felt fantastic, with lots more energy which continued all week.

So there is a lot to be said for one good long mindful meditation (while staying awake) every now and then.

The feeling of rest that I felt during that class was similar to the feeling – if you have ever meditated after a big lunch in the afternoon – to the quality of that after-lunch meditation. This is often very different to the morning ones.

After lunch when you feel a bit tired, sleepy, it’s probably because your body needs to digest all the food. If you do a meditation, even 10 minutes after lunch, it will do wonders for your afternoon energy levels. Try it and experience what happens.

At some point in the ‘after lunch’ meditation you will blank out deeply for a few minutes, that’s normal. That’s your body taking the time it needs to digest. Make sure you stay awake throughout, even if you have blanked out. You’ll love the feeling afterwards.

The only problem with this exercise, especially if you are at work after lunch – where do you do it? It can be in the toilet, some hide a away spot where no one will find you, in the car if it is parked near by, in a near by park.

Not easy.

Until it becomes a common accepted practice at work, it will be tricky to do.
Once employers realise the value of such a practice, after lunch, I think they will want to implement it and allow it. The enhanced energy levels and alertness is very valuable indeed.

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