ASTA Conference – for P.S.H. Therapists

I’ve just attended the ASTA Conference for 2010 in Sydney. ASTA is the association for all P.S.H. Therapists around Australia. It was an inspiring day of more learning and meeting up with colleagues from around Australia most whom I only get to meet once a year.

I gave two presentations (120 mins and 90 mins.) One on managing your private practice, and one on how I do the P.S.H. Therapy work (for many years now.) The aim was to help practitioners get some new ideas to keep their practices fresh and running better. Both talks were well received.

Michael Masani

Michael Masani also gave a good talk on how the feeling subconscious part of us will respond to stimuli much quicker and well before our intellect registers the response. It reinforced how our real life is really being run by the inner subconscious part of ourselves and not so much the intellect.

All the more reason to spend time getting to know our subconscious and making sure we run maintenance work on it regularly! Because deep down, it is the part that’s really running the show.

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