“Learn to live with it”

I’ve heard this line many times. A statement made by well meaning therapists to clients of mine who were seeing such people in the past.

I heard this line again recently from a client referring to a friend of theirs who had been seeing a psychologist and getting CBT for their anxiety.

“Learn to live with it.”

I’m glad my client wasn’t happy hearing that. And needless to say nor was I.

With what’s available in the body based therapies now, anxiety is completely healable. What I can’t tell you is how many sessions it may take.

I’ve lost count as to the number of clients I have worked with over the years, who now have no, (or virtually no) anxiety to speak of. They have no anxiety that needs to be “lived with” for the rest of their lives. It’s gone. Finished. Completed. No more. In fact many even forget that they ever had it.

There are very advanced therapeutic methods available now that help completely heal anxiety and panic. The key –  is that they are body (nervous system) based, not cognitive based. Go to a cognitive based therapist and they can only really help you to “live with it” because they are only cognitive based trained. And this has it’s value too.

My aim with every client who wants it, is to heal the anxiety completely, 100%. And I don’t care how bad it is or how long the person has had it. It is healable completely.

In fact once it does heal the person is rarely the same again. They frequently end up even better than before. Transformed.

This is very transformative work.

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