‘BE’ and still get everything done!

Spending quality time for self centering and whole body contact with yourself is crucial in this day and age. Especially with all the distractions, demands on our time and our highly over worked society. There is so much ‘doing’ that the ‘being’ part of us, our more real nature, is squashed or put on hold with ‘some day I’ll…’ or ‘one day I’ll….’.

It is very important to step off the over worked ‘doing’ cycle and allow yourself to have ‘arrived’ in the present moment, to just ‘be’ again. (Which is what the over doing most times is trying to accomplish, to get you to where you can just ‘be’ again.)

Most people don’t realise that they can just ‘be’ and still get everything done that they need to. Rather than the other way around that we are brought up with (and much less efficient way) in our western culture, ‘I’ll do do do, so then I can ‘get there’ to relax and be myself. You rarely get there in this way.

So if you allocate some regular time to ‘being’ each week, your ‘doing’ becomes much more efficient, creates less drama, is much less erratic, more fulfilling, and you feel more in control of your life. No one else or thing is running you.

How slowly or quickly this happens will depend on how much you are carrying from the past and how easily you can accept, feel, release and let go that past, over time.

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