Healing Trauma Naturally

One of my specialty areas in my therapeutic work is helping with healing trauma. Traumas that are anxiety and panic creating within you that won’t switch off. Many people have such places within them, reactions that can’t be switched off easily and that can be triggered at the slightest hint of an unsafe situation or reminder of the original cause of the fear.

I attended a seminar recently that updated on the latest neuroscience research. One thing that perked my ears was hearing that scientists are working on discovering what causes this reactive fear in people and finding a way to switch that off. It was labeled as an ‘old brain’ reactive part carried over from our ancestral heritage that isn’t useful to us in this day and age.

My view is a bit different to this. I don’t think this ‘old brain’ piece of programming within us is such a bad thing. What we really should be looking at is why this reaction was created in the first place. And that takes us back to the cause of the problem, an old traumatic event where we couldn’t protect ourselves adequately enough, leaving unfinished the fight/flight response.

So what we should really be looking at is, asking the question – how can we access and complete this flight/fight response in the body and mind? This is the work and research that I do everyday. Finding better ways to access and release this old fear/trauma response in the body. It is done naturally, and in a holistic way. This work fills the missing experience that the person did not have at the time of the trauma.

Once it releases a client will comment, (a real example:)
” I feel I have unlocked some part of me that hasn’t rested in a long time.”

That says it all. Some part has finally rested and relaxed for the first time in a long time. And a big fear and anxiety has just melted away permanently. No need to find a switch and use chemicals/medications to ‘switch it off.’

Anxiety and panic reactions are there for a reason. It is the body saying, ‘HELP! I’m scared!’

It is not advisable to go around switching this alert response off.

This is what medications/drugs do. Numb out a persons feelings so they don’t feel the body’s cry for help. The anxiety is covered over. Unfortunately there are side affects and other feelings get covered over too. Resulting in a lower quality of life and aliveness. This is not a solution – walking around half alive.

When a client releases a trauma naturally, they feel the difference within them, they feel the relief, the freedom, the lightness. They feel more alive, more authentic and more human again.

Working with the body, mindfulness and subconscious carefully enough, creates these types of results regularly.
This is the ‘real thing’.

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