Conviction and Repetition – The keys to greater health.

“There are no incurable diseases. Only incurable people.”
Bernie Siegel MD.

With the escalating Corona virus at the moment, this is good to remember.

Dr Bernie Siegel is a surgeon who over twenty five years ago noticed how some of his patients healed in remarkable ways that were not expected. Looking at these exceptional cases he realised how the patient’s self healing ability came from their attitude, beliefs and emotional expression to name just a few.

Diseases that should have killed some patient’s didn’t. These patient’s found a way to self heal themselves.

It is good to read and hear about these well respected doctors. They confirm that we as humans have better healing abilities than we ever realised before.

Spending regular time to go within your body and spending deep meditative mindful time, giving your body and it’s 50 trillion cells more love and attention, is very powerful.

But to do this exercise/practice regularly, you have to believe that such ability is there within you.

Know that it is.

Hopefully you can feel the benefits of the reduction in body stress and allow that to spur you on to regular practice. This regularity and depth of focus (that only closing your eyes can do) accumulates to produce a much stronger immune system and a healthier freer functioning body.

If you find it difficult to get that depth of focus, coming to a few of Mindfulness classes in a group can really help reset your connection deeper. Even if you have to travel a fair way (if you live in Melbourne) to get here, it is worth doing every now and then. If you live a fair way away, you don’t have to attend every week.

It can be once a month, or for a few consecutive weeks once every three to four months. The period doesn’t matter. Maintaining the conviction and depth does.

My recent appearances on the Channel 31 TV show Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle have concluded. All five interviews (each 8 mins long) are now permanently available on YouTube for viewing. Or you can click on each one below.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel (George Gintilas). There are many more videos to come.

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