The Bizarre Twitches and Jerks

“What are these twitches and jerks George! They are bizarre!”

Such were the comments of a client recently after their session.

Welcome to my world! Where every little subtle sensation and feeling is treated as much more important than the thoughts in your head.

To the average person, when they do this work, (getting into the body) the body responds and comes to life. This life shows up as twitches, jerks, tingles, buzzing, heat, tensions, pressure, waves, feelings and emotions, to name just a few.

Under normal circumstances these body messages are ignored by most people. But, come and have a session of body based psychotherapy, enter your body mindfully, and all these previously hidden sensations that the intellect always considered totally irrelevant, come to the forefront.

You would not walk down the street and let your body twitch and jerk visibly. You would get strange looks and people will want to lock you up. ‘Who is this weird person?’

But in the total privacy of the therapy room, all these sensations become very important and normal. They are a very important part of your body releasing the causes of your blocks, pains and stresses in your life. Not just as a coping mechanism, but as an organic completion of old unfinished business that’s been buried deep in your body.

So if you want to progress more rapidly and heal more fully, spend time listening to your body’s messages in deep, deep detail. Hang out more with all those cells that make up your whole body. They have a lot to say about your current issues, problems, pains and health. Give them some attention and they will show you what needs to happen next for you to move forward and heal in ways that drugs, talking, pushing and analysis could never do.

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