Starting the day Grounded

In the previous post last week, I presented the five mindful questions to ask of yourself when you wake up in the morning. This week I’ll take one, the first question and expand on it further.

How grounded am I?
That is how well are you earthed to the ground? How solid do your feet feel below you when you get out of bed and start your day?
When your feet first hit the floor/carpet, how solid are they attached to the floor? Can you feel the whole sole of your foot contacting the ground? Take a second, pause and actually feel the sensation of the base of your feet.

There might be gaps were you don’t feel anything. Your feet might also not feel heavy to the floor, but very light and slippery. There may even be some pain or tension.

If your feet are not feeling grounded then chances are your legs and even pelvis may feel this lack of connection and solidity too.

With low groundedness you destabilize easily, so there can be some internal anxiety, with your body trying to find the safety in the ground. Without solid ground below your feet, you can be toppled over much easier, you won’t feel confident in your day and your head will be working hard to keep you safe in the world and that takes a lot of energy. You are likely to tire much more easily or come home after work more exhausted than you should be.

There are exercises you can do to help this of course. More next time.

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