Relaxation Music – What’s the best?

Working as I do everyday helping people release anxieties, past traumas and bad habits that are holding them back from living a more productive, successful and authentic life, I often get asked what books do I read? What relaxation music do I listen to?

In a past blog I have written about what my best ever personal development book is. Here, I’d like to answer what relaxation music I like the best. Having listened to thousands of tracks over the years, there actually is one track that has left the biggest impression and which I turn to when I really do need to settle and calm, if I have been overly stressed. It works for me every time. It’s the best I have ever heard.

It’s a four minute track called ‘Dream Journey Part 2’ by Michael Wild.

I bought it a looong time ago, on cassette tape. That’s how long.

He now has it on CD of course and MP3 digital downloads are available. The track is on the CD album Star Dreams.
Check it out here on his personal website For the MP3 download go to

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