Pockets of Peace

Finding pockets of peace throughout your day is a very healthy sign and a release valve for the stresses that come at you all day long. A lot of our diseases and issues stem from such stress.

What is stress? The pressure you feel in your mind and body and the pressure your body feels within itself beyond your awareness, that stretches normal calm functioning beyond the normal limits. Mindfulness meditation helps you to create a release valve for this stress, to briefly step out of the environment that is creating the stress and allow your body time to balance and reset.

The more you work under stressed people or the more stressed people you have in your environment, the more you need to find these pockets of peace throughout the day.

Learning to switch off at will, is a powerful tool to combating the stress that is around you. Prolonged periods of stress are not beneficial to your mind or body. Occasional bursts to achieve a deadline is fine but ongoing, long-term it is lethal.

Learning this important skill to switch off at will throughout the day, even for two minutes, gives you back control of your mind and body. Other types of switching off/release valves can be good too, but switching off the thoughts and feeling into your body are key.

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