Neuro-Immunologists – a western medicine group, that are finally getting it.

“It wasn’t considered professionally respectable to investigate connections between the brain – the province of neuroscience – and the immune system – the province of immunology.”
(Edward Bullmore, PhD, The Inflamed Mind – A radical new Approach to Depression, 2018)

I’m fascinated how the immune system and the nervous system interact. How inflammation in the body when the immune system is low can affect and even create mental symptoms like depression. And also going the other way, how negative depressive thinking can weaken the immune system and cause inflammation in the body. The research is finally beginning to show this link.

My personal and client experiences over the years informed me directly that the mind and body affect each other quite strongly. Of course western scientific medicine has denied this for hundreds of years thanks to 17th century Descartes dualist ideas that the mind and body were totally separate.

So it was nice to read from a psychiatrist (Edward Bullmore) that ‘a lot of what I was taught in medical school is wrong’.

Edward is part of a small group of psychiatrists that call themselves neuro-immunologists. He is pioneering a new field of research that links the brain, the body and the immune system. So we can look forward to much better treatments that deal with the mental and physical health issues together, rather than apart as they are currently done within western medicine.

I realised decades ago in my practice that western medicine was way behind in this mind body connection and so I let them go and continued independently, continually researching and applying new techniques that made this mind body link stronger and stronger within me and within my clients.

Making this link stronger is what body mindfulness meditation is all about too. Just by strengthening and feeling into this link in your body, your body automatically begins to heal, and you don’t need to know how it is doing it. It just happens – when you get out of the way.

My personal research and development continues to this day and there are more exciting breakthroughs to come again soon. And again, like thirty years ago, it is going to look completely alternative and ‘bonkers’ to western mainstream medicine, until they catch up again – eventually 🙂

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