Destressing for sustainable long-term success

Reading today in a local paper:
“The problem with technology especially email – is that it allows you to feel productive without really achieving anything. Of the tens of thousands of emails I’ve read and sent, there are less than a hundred that were real game-changes.” Scott Page – Barefoot Investor, Herald Sun Newspaper.

Learning to connect/disconnect from the constant information overload is important if you want to stay sane, healthy successful and satisfied with your life and work. The smart phone can take over your ability to be happily embodied within yourself.

When you begin to feel run by your phone, computer or employer, a good question to ask yourself is,

‘Am I comfortable in my body right now?’

In other words, are you centered, relaxed, calm, happy and settled in your body right now? Remember it’s from this place that you will produce your best work long term each day and every day. It is quite alarming when I regularly hear from clients how pushed they are from their employers to do more and work harder beyond a comfortable sustainable level.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your body, address it now. Don’t put it on hold. If you decide to deal with this internal stress at some point in the future, the damage could be far too great.

Remember you run your life, not your employer or smart phone. If you are working for an employer that wants maximum profits at any cost. Get out of there! They don’t care about you. They are entitled to run their business in this way but you don’t have to work that way. A true intelligent caring employer will aim for a fair profit and fair balance work load. A load that is sustainable long term. It is wise long term vision that produces the best most fulfilling success.

Success comes from having a successfully fulfilling present moment action. All your life is made up of this building block. So if you do not feel comfortable in your body right now, address it. Address it by adjusting the external factors contributing to creating this pressure and address it by adjusting the internal factors contributing to creating the pressure.

If you have had this pressure for more than a year, the alarm bells should be ringing. It’s time to take back more control. Don’t get comfortable with such high levels of stress. It’s not ‘this is just how it is’. No, this is not just how it is. It’s not like this everywhere. And it doesn’t need to be like this within you either.

There is a better way.

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