20 trillion life forms

You, (the spirit you) live in a walking breathing community of 20+ trillion cells, that are all working together to create your body. They are co-operating at a phenomenal rate passing messages to each other. Each cell is a living, breathing, feeding life form, being. It moves, it hurts, it plays, it does the job it was built for, it feels. The entire makeup of your body literally, is made up of 20 trillion alive beings, all working together (for the most part) to give you a body, a vehicle to move around in, on planet earth.

We take all this for granted day to day. So much so, that when something goes wrong with our body, we forget how to access it directly in order  to heal the problem.

This is where mindfulness meditation for self healing and the body process-based therapies comes in. This work is designed to reignite the connection to your subconscious body’s 20 trillion cells and assist and guide them to heal. Now it is very difficult to home in on one cell. What normally happens is that we home in on a group of cells, maybe 200,000 of them that make up a muscle fibre in some part of your body. That you can feel. 200,000 expressing a sensation/pain can be felt.

If you take the time to listen to these groups of cells each day, you will find (as you get good at it) that your cells are communicating to you all the time.  Especially the ones that need urgent attention. Giving them this attention is what I help people do each day in my private practice and then watch as amazing things unfold and old problems, issues and pains begin to drop and melt away.

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