(From Jan ’96 newsletter)

I recently read a quote that was on a flyer promoting a personal development course. It read……..

“Then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom”

I like this quote. It reminds me of how much people hold onto old patterns of behaviour because that is what they are used to, even though IT HURTS! The pain of change and facing ones-self inside (which may hurt more for a time), doesn’t outweigh the pain of the current circumstances. So people stay in secure but boring and painful jobs, relationships, friendships and locations. The pain of change and moving into the disowned or denied parts of themselves is perceived as too great.

Some people call it the unknown which makes it even more frightening, but the truth is, it’s not the unknown, it’s more accurately the disowned. What is revealed in you in therapy is not the unknown but the known that you forgot either accidentally or deliberately. The forgotten known, are aspects of you that are normal and human but have had to be buried because in the past for whatever reason, they could not be owned and embodied and made okay. And the pain that fused that cutting off, putting it into a ‘tight bud’ is what you fear feeling again today.

The truth is your body is feeling it everyday for you! but you have chosen to not feel it.
How much you choose ‘not to feel’ is a BIG determining factor towards the severity of your ‘stuckness’ in life (how fulfilled you are) and the severity of the illnesses that you will create in your body.

Long periods of very strong denial and suppression of emotions and feelings invariably leads to major illnesses which most often require the most drastic measures to counter – like surgery.

With the help of work such as Radix we are learning to listen to our inner selves more closely. This provides more intelligent information giving us the ability to make corrections sooner before illnesses manifest physically in the body. This is a sign of human evolution and advancement when we can be in touch with our selves at a deeper level and therefore make more intelligent decisions about our lives. We see it happening in the scientific world with computers. This is on the outward physical level. We are also seeing it more and more on the inner human level, which needs to be in line with the advancements in science otherwise we can blow ourselves up.

I am excited about this work and related fields because we, as a society are relearning again to listen to the subtle energies and senses of our bodies, which is closer to our truer self and therefore more fulfilling.

These subtle energetic impulses and thoughts are more real than what we have been taught to believe in the past. The information that contains the answers and guidance you need – first and foremost lies inside of you, not outside. We have placed an overreliance on what can be seen physically, what makes intellectual sense and what can be proven scientifically. This is limiting and ignores the mental, emotional and spiritual energies that are core and foundational to every human being. However this is changing on a global scale, and that to me is very exciting.

SO, LEARN TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY ENERGY! Your body is trying to complete past blocks of energy ALL THE TIME. The signals are there all the time but we learn to muffle them. Listen to the movements you need to make, the sounds, the feelings, the thoughts you dare not have. What expressions were not okay in your environment growing up? They need a voice. And you need them for a more balanced life. Good therapists can see what a body/person needs to complete, what is trying to come out and they encourage this to happen while at the same time creating a safe place for it to happen. Body therapy work is excellent for this because it provides a broad scope for movement and expression in a safe way, to untangle ones whole energetic bodymind knot.

Ask yourself often: “What is my body telling me to complete more fully?” And without controlling too much from your head, seeing if you can let it happen in a safe way. What is that sense of a weight that you are carrying? What has been tucked under the carpet for too long? I promise you IT WILL NOT GO AWAY. It’s okay to tuck it under if you promise yourself that you will deal with it at some stage, BUT DON’T FORGET THIS PROMISE! if you start to forget, it’s time to deal with it, otherwise it will be buried, become unconscious, and you’ll begin to more and more wonder why certain things are not happening in your life. You’ll start to lose some direct control, feel less energetic and feel more effort in doing things. Three good signs that you have buried some major unfinished business and have tied up your life energy.