Current Approximate Waiting Period:
1 week (for day times)
2-3 weeks (for evenings)

Cancellation Policy:
Minimum 24 hours notice required otherwise the full fee is payable.

Concession rates available for Disability Pension and
low income health care card holders.

Payment Options:
Bank Transfer/Cash/Credit Card/EFTPos/Paypal
MasterCard and Visa.(There are no surcharges for credit card.)

Open Hours:
(By appointment only)

Monday 11am to 7.30pm (Administration)

Tuesday 11am to 7.30pm

Wednesday 11am to 7.30pm

Thursday 11am to 7.30pm

Session Times:
Session times are generally set at 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm each day.
For each session allow up to 90 minutes. Slightly longer (up to 120 mins) for the first session.

Where possible, I allow up to 30 minutes break between appointments.
So clients rarely meet each other in the waiting area.