If you are not located in Melbourne Australia and would still like to have private one-on-one sessions, there is an alternative – having sessions through SKYPE or ZOOM. (ZOOM preferred.)

Online sessions are very effective for much of my work. The session runs just as if you were entering my practice room and sitting down in front of me. Fees are identical to visiting me personally, in Australian dollars. Payment is made with Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Internet Bank Transfer beforehand.

In setting appointment times your country’s time difference is taken into account (along with daylight saving) so there will be certain periods of time when sessions can be booked.

I use a fast desktop computer (Intel Core i7 processor), the fastest possible cable/optic fibre Internet connection and a high 1080p resolution (Full HD) web-cam. While I am working with you I also wear a high broadcast quality (SmartLav+) microphone for clearer crisper sound.

What you need:
A laptop, smart phone or desktop computer that preferably isn’t more than 5 years old. A good fast Internet connection. Getting your Internet connection through your mobile now works well if you have a 4G connection. (3G not so good, not recommended.) Up to 800mb free on your Internet GB usage for the month.
A quite place where you won’t be disturbed for 90 mins (120 mins for the first session.) Good lighting on you so I can see you clearly and (where possible) sitting at a distance so I can see more than just your head.

SKYPE and ZOOM sessions have been successfully run throughout Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Asia and Country Australia.

For more information feel free to contact me – email george@relaxedmind.com