Advanced Self Healing Body Mindfulness Weekly Meditation Class for 2023
(Now in its 13th year) Online with Zoom

Tuesday   8pm to 9.30pm (Melbourne, Australia time, AEDT) (GMT +11)
Thursday 9am to 10.30am (GMT +11)

Over the past three years over 100 classes have been recorded. I am now pleased to be slowly making them all available to you, to use easily in an audio app on your phone, from the comfort of your own home. Each class is unique, no two meditations are the same. Each one focuses on a different area and aspect of your mind and body. You can choose which to play depending on your needs. Click here to find out more!    

Introductory Video – What you will learn (12 mins)

Hosted by George from the Elwood Centre for Wellbeing – Unit 3, 4 Tiuna Grove, Elwood, Victoria, Australia.

Class Format:
7.55pm/8.55am – 5 min Waiting Room arrival setup time
8.00pm/9am – Instruction and Teaching
8.25pm/9.25am – One hour Group Mindfulness Meditation Class
9.25pm/10.25am – Feedback and questions
9.30pm/10.30am – End (allow for an additional 15 minutes depending on feedback and questions)

Mindfulness Class
George Gintilas running a
Mindfulness Class (on-site) Nov 2019.
Classes are now run very effectively, over Zoom.

The classes are designed to help you release past traumas and old blocks, leading you to becoming more centred and embodied again and thus stronger in the world.

The group meditation is partly guided and partly silent and runs for one hour. (There is no background music, only a ‘ding’ to begin and one to end.) So, just complete natural healthy stillness.

In that time you are gently guided to go within and re-connect with yourself in a deeper genuine way to help release past holdings and stresses. The guidance is not scripted, so it will be slightly different each time, depending on the energy and requirements of the group that night. (Each class is different.)

You can allow movement, you do not have to be completely still and quiet. Conducted over ZOOM everyone is muted during the meditation, which means sound and movement is okay. You will not disturb anyone. Allowing more freedom and deeper releases.

It’s not about looking good, it’s about connecting with being more real again.

It can be likened to an active meditation, or a therapeutic mindfulness process designed to re-connect you with more of your real inner spirit which then helps old stresses and problems to release.

This class is a product of over over 12 years of training, and over 30 years of private practice work and research with thousands of clients and what works to help people embody themselves to heal the past. It incorporates aspects of Mindfulness, Vipassana, Meditation, Somatics, the Body Psychotherapies and the work of Eckhart Tolle (Author of The Power of NOW) as well as the latest methods in healing the limiting effects of past trauma and other emotional issues.

PLEASE NOTE – There are no pre-requisites but some Meditation experience is highly recommended.
This is not a beginners course.

The class is open to anyone interested in:

Re-connecting with themselves more
Breaking through old deep holdings and blockages
Calming the racing mind
Additional support for personal therapy work
Going the next-step for meditators
Breaking through bad meditation habits
Becoming more real and authentic again
Bringing in the body to help heal the mind
Sharing a safe therapeutic space for healing
A safe place to unwind and be more embodied and whole again
A safe space to let down and surrender to your inner self
Space to breath more life into your spirit
Having a much needed break from the over thinking thoughts
A clear space to rest down away from the busy demands of the world
Freeing up more of your creativity, memory and mind space again
Bringing more balance back into your life
Connecting with your real deepest goals and desires again
Working with the power of a group energy
A space to feel more human again

NOTE: This can be a deep and powerful process. It is wise to allow some quiet time (5 to 30 mins) after the session.

There are no set number of classes you have to attend. You can attend whenever you want.

You must pay and book ahead to receive your Zoom email link to the class beforehand.

$15 AUD (includes gst.) per class
8pm to 9.30pm Tuesday’s or 9am to 10.30am Thursday’s

Location: The Classes are all online via Zoom
Unit 3, 4 Tiuna Grove, Elwood, Victoria. Australia.

Call: 03 9525 7680 or 0411 148 788

There are four ways to pay for a class:

1. International World Wide – To pay via Paypal or securely with your credit card online, click here. (The company/business name will appear as Siginysis Pty Ltd.)

2. Within Australia you can also pay via a Direct Bank Deposit to account:
BSB: 063 201 Account: 1001 7324, email or text after you have paid.

3. If computers are not your thing, you can also pay via credit card over the phone.

4. Pay to directly through Paypal.

Inner and Outer balance are so important to achieving long term health and success in life. In our western culture we spend a lot of time focusing on the ‘doing’ out there and not enough on the ‘inner’, in here.

This class is designed to help you bring in more of the balance that you probably need. Giving the inner part of you the attention that it requires to help reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, in your life (to name a few.)

When your poor intellect is going around in circles trying to solve your problems, it’s nice to know there are things and therapies and classes you can go to, to help break free of the old conditioning and help embody yourself and align yourself internally in a very healthy and powerful way.

This class offers the space for you to create more present moment inner and outer fulfillment, health and wellbeing in your life.

Reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now is highly recommended.

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