Take your Therapeutic Skills to another level
ix Module Skill Building Course with George Gintilas

Learn a Powerful Somatic/Body Mindfulness Based approach to Healing

Learn a powerful structured body based process that is deeply established in Mindfulness practice. This is the buzz word now in the therapy world. Working with Mindfulness and the effectiveness of this approach.

I have been using Mindfulness (Body) based therapeutic processes as the basis for all my therapeutic work for 25 years now, having trained in this process back in 1989 as part of my original Somatics training. The lights went on back then when I realised just how transformative this way of working was. Way ahead of most standard therapy practices at the time (and still today!) Since then I have continued study with thousands of hours of Body psychotherapy and Mindfulness based methods, continually refining the process into what I teach today.

Who is this for?
Excellent for existing practitioners who want additional skills in working with the body and the energy field with their clients.
Excellent for counselors, body workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, energy healers, reiki/pranic healing practitioners or anyone interested in learning more about how healing happens through the body. Also excellent for non-practitioners for helping yourself (self development and personal growth) and helping others.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to help yourself, help others to heal and maybe even practice in this work, this will be a great introductory course. It is also excellent for existing practitioners that feel the need to add more skills and ways of working with what they already do.

Some example situations…

Massage Therapists: What do you do when a client is sensitive in one area of their body? What do you do if they start crying?

Energy Healers: What do you do when a client keeps falling asleep on you? What do you do when a client starts reliving a past trauma?

Counsellors: What do you do when a client keeps talking over and over analysing their situation in detail session after session?

Psychologists: What do you do when your client just can’t do the exercises and tools you give them when they are at home?

In my 25 years of private practice, if I had to summarise down to one word, what the greatest tool is to how human beings develop, heal, grow and live happy lives, it will all come down to one major word: EMBODIMENT.

When you truly ‘get this’ you will never again wonder… ‘why is this happening to me!?’

Come and learn (or in many cases re-learn) how to work with your body and your body’s energy field. I have found that working with your body and mindfulness is one of the greatest tools to progress and fulfillment in life.

Join me for a powerful five months of awakening more of the inner skills within you.

This course will give you a strong background in the work that I do with clients. Plus you will go away with some skills to help others.

The focus of my work has always been on the subconscious, mindfulness, the body, the emotions and the energy field that permeates throughout the body and mind. Working at this deeper level, you can help accomplish changes in far fewer sessions than traditionally required in the past. At least that has been my experience.

As my motto has been for years “your mind is in your whole body”. Focus on the whole body and you focus on the real cause of a problem. The story, the analysis, the memories, knowing why, are not as important. Put them aside, add a simple to follow structure, add mindfulness and away you go. Transforming and helping heal things that has doctors scratching their heads, ‘how did this happen?’

In this weekend I will be teaching the basics of how to work with mindfulness, the body, your body, and others’ bodies and energy fields to facilitate deep shifts and healings that normally take years to shift with many other ways.

Deep down beneath all the muscles and bones and organs we are all conscious aware beings using and living off a Life Force that pervades our surroundings. This is a powerful flow that has the capacity to heal things that can seem miraculous to many. One day using this energy will be an everyday occurrence for all. For now it is still pioneering.

To be effective and practical, working with this energy field or life force has to be learned in conjunction with the physical body, the emotions and conscious awareness. Putting this all together produces a body of work that can be used to assist the healing of a host of ailments, problems, pains and persistent behavioural issues.

Gain skills in this pioneering body of work that can enhance your self-healing abilities, confidence and provide you skills to help others in time of pain or stuckness.

I will be demonstrating in front of the group, as well as have you practice in pairs with plenty of time for feedback and questions.

In Module 1 – Topics will Include:

The Basic fundamentals of Mindfulness Client tracking
Learning to Read Body Energy
Learning to Read the history of the Physical Body
Learn the basic Whole Body – Character Structures
Building the Energetic Life Force
Following and assisting Body/Energy Releases
The anatomy of change and release
The anatomy of an emotional release
How to Let Go and Grow
Anchoring your Presence in the ‘Now’
The Four Basic Escapes to being Present
The importance of Grounding, Centering and Boundaries

Plus plenty of practice and feedback. As well as demonstrations, explaining what I do and why.

In module 1 – You will learn an eleven-step therapy method to help guide you
in the initial stages.You will learn six of the best process tools that I have found to
be the most effective for facilitating deep releases in a client.

In Module 1 – The First day you learn the basics of how to work with the Body, (Mindfulness.)
The Second day you learn the basics of how to work with the Energy Field, (Life Force.)
The Third day we put it all together, fine tune and learn about Whole Body Character Structures, (Body Cellular History.)

All this information will be in your manual provided. Module 1 provides an introduction to this powerful method of healing. Working with the Somatic Body in Mindfulness. One of the most fundamental aspects of any effective healing, personal development, growth and transformation is working with the body. Once in your body you have access to everything. Your ideas, beliefs, holdings, tensions, traumas, reactions, the whole state of your body is available to you if you access it correctly.

I will be drawing on over three thousand hours of training from some of the best body based therapies including Somatics, Radix, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and many others (See Background for more.) Plus the experience of thousands of client one-on-one sessions spanning 25 years. All condensed into an easy to follow eleven step process.

Most people still think that the answer to their health (mental, emotional and most physical) or behavioural problems lies in their thoughts and information in their head. This is only 10% of the solution. The rest, 90% of it, lies in your body and your energy field. To work with this effectively you need to go deeper, to the subconscious body and work with mindfulness. In this day and age, I believe, there has never been a more important skill to have than the ability to effectively work with your body.

Click on each module number for more details.

(24 course days in total)
Module 1 – Working with Body Mindfulness and Energy Field – Foundation Skills (see above)

Module 2 – Working with the Body Trauma

Module 3 – Working with the Body Attachment

Module 4 – Working with the Body Subconscious

Module 5 – Working with the Body Presence

Module 6 – Working with the Body Business

Module Days – Friday to Monday 9.30am – 6pm

Course Fees:
Repeating: Call for details.
(Concession rates are available.)

Booking is essential.
Location: Elwood Centre for Wellbeing.
Unit 3/4 Tiuna Grove, Elwood.

Call: 03 9525 7680 or 0411 148 788

Post Support for Mastery
Once complete, there is additional support to help you improve your skills, through one day practice days offered throughout the year ongoing to all participants. Plus personal phone (or face-to-face) supervision when required for specific difficult cases or scenarios.

Location: Elwood Centre for Wellbeing.

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