My Background

The following is a summary of my current background. This page is updated regularly. The most appropriate training and qualifications are listed first. Additional courses and training over the years are also listed, all of which have informed and helped further develop my work.

Formal Qualifications

George Gintilas is a fully qualified Radix Body Psychotherapist,
a Somatic Integration Therapist, and a graduate of the Sensorimotor (Trauma) Psychotherapy Institute.


Certificate in Radix Body Psychotherapy
The Radix Institute (Australia/USA – 3 years,1990-93) (approx 1,500 hours)

Diploma In Somatic Integration
The College of Experiential Psychotherapy
(Melbourne/Sydney – 3 years, 1989-90,93) (approx 700 hours)

Certificate in Sensorimotor (Trauma) Therapy
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (Sydney – 1 year, 2000) (approx 200 hours)
Total: Approx 2,750 hours of formal training


A.R.B.P.A – (Full Member) Australian Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy Association
(Past President 6 years (97-99, 2003-05), Past Treasurer (3 years,) Past Ethics Committee (3 years)
Current Chair of the Ethics Committee (12 years). Total (30 years)

A.R.B.P.A is also a Member Association of PACFA  (Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia Inc)

A.S.T.A – (Full Member and past President 4 years) Australasian Subconscious Mind Therapists Association (25 years).

PACFA Reg.Clinical (26613) Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia.
George is a Registered Clinical Member of PACFA. George is also the current PACFA Treasurer and sits on the governing Board of PACFA (2016-22) (6 years)

More about the Associations

Additional Training/Experience in Other Related Fields

George has a broad experience in other forms of Body-Mind therapies. He has had some (minimal) training (shown in approx hours) and experiential work in the following areas:

Ortho-Bionomy & Shock-Trauma Training (Kathy Kain) (approx 116 hours)

Hakomi Mindfulness Body Psychotherapy Workshops and sessions (approx 179 hours)

Vipassana Mindfulness Program (150 hours)

Focusing and Body Focusing (approx 60 hours)

Kinesiology (Touch for Health) (approx 50 hours)

Integral Somatic Psychology – Dr.Raja Selvam (Module 1:The Physiology of Emotions) (45 hours)

Massage & Anatomy (approx 32 hours)

Hakomi – In Search of EROS – Mindful Love Relationships
(Halko Weiss/Maci Daye) (22 hours)

Polarity Therapy (approx 16 hours)

NST – NeuroStructural Integration Technique (approx 15 hours)

Voice Dialogue (approx 36 hours)

Babette Rothschild – The Psycho-physiology of Trauma
and Trauma treatment – (approx 16 hours)

Core Transformation Method (approx 25 hours)

Somatic Experiencing – (Peter Levine) – Maggie/Ariel (approx 28 hours)

James Kepner: Body Process Therapy (approx 16 hours)

Braddock Body Process (approx 24 hours)

Yapko: Hypnotherapy Training (approx 24 hours)

Childhood Trauma and Neglect – Ruth Cohen (7 hours) (New York)

TFT – Thought Field Therapy (plus EFT) (approx 16 hours)

Theta Healing – Basic Practitioner Course (approx 18 hours)

Shiatsu (approx 12 hours)

Your Future By Design – Buckminster Fuller – Jerry Speiser (18 hours)

Transpersonal Psychology and Counselling – Dr Donna Golding (7 hours)

Ongoing Body Psychotherapy Supervision (12 hours min) per year
Ongoing Professional Development ASTA, ARBPA (30 hours) per year

Total: 1,100+ hours

The Feldenkrais Method
The Alexander Technique
Postural Integration
Accelerated Learning

Plus many other personal development workshops and programs
(including Landmark Forum, Insight, The Silva Method etc)

George regularly undertakes a number of personal therapy sessions each year for continued mental and emotional health, maintenance and further development.

Client Backgrounds

“Some people still have the impression there is something mentally ‘not right’ about you if you have to see a therapist. This is such an archaic idea. Therapeutic and maintenance work is now more and more seen as a normal part of any healthy functioning human being and a very important part of any effective personal growth and development. To help further break that old conditioning, I’ve listed here some of the professional occupations of my client base. (Many, very successful people.) It should help to well and truly shatter this myth.”

Click here for the list

Other Training & Corporate Experience

George also has a Bachelor Degree in Economics (Honours)
La Trobe University, Melbourne, (4 years).

Is a past qualified accountant – Member of CPA Australia (9 years) and an IT consultant/contractor/manager (12 years).

He worked as a consultant with the Chartered Accounting firm – Arthur Andersen – in the Management Consulting division (now Accenture) and the IT software company – Creative Computer Systems.

Through his company and consulting work – his past clients have included:

ANZ (Banking)
Esanda Finance (Finance)
Pacific Indemnity (Insurance)
Don Smallgoods (Manufacturing)
CSL (Medical)
Brashs (Retail)
Carlton Crest Hotel (Hospitality)