The following is Solicited Feedback  –  In reply to mailed questionnaires.

The questionnaires were mailed out 6 to 9 months after the sessions. This was done to gauge the longer term effect of the therapy as well as remove the effects of the initial ‘high’ that many people tend to feel after a therapy. Comments in italics and brackets ( ) have been added to make the quotes more readable. (The latest testimonials added appear first.)

After completing the three sessions I feel like the parts of myself that were always a mystery to me are no longer mysterious. The Freudian ideas of the ‘subconscious’ and the ‘unconscious’ are often talked about as hidden, unknowable places or forces inside all of us. After the sessions I feel like I have had conscious contact with these places and therefore have seen myself in my entirety.I know everything that I am. I have a sense that these once mysterious parts of myself are powerful but not frightening and although I do not fully understand them, I feel comfort in the knowledge that they are there, that I have visited them and that they will always be with me.  I feel they are deep and strong and wise and eternal.Also, during the sessions I felt like I reconnected with every moment of my life without necessarily remembering the details of those moments.I have achieved a new sense of ‘knowingness’, happiness and power in my life that I always wished for but never knew how to get. BL
I felt that the therapy cleared some of my long held fears which I believe were developed during my childhood. With these fears cleared from my subconscious I have been able to learn new behaviour in regard to how I see life and how I respond to situations in my life.Because the longheld fears were gone, it was like I had a void in my life and now also a need to fill this void. I was now more selective about what I chose to believe about myself and life in general. I have now gained more self-confidence self esteem and am much more relaxed in the life I live.Several people made comments about the changes in me:* ‘I am so impressed with effort you have put into making changes in your life’* ‘You are so different now’

* It’s nice to have a mum like you now’

* ‘You have changed, you are more confident now’ NW

(Benefits…) feeling of purity and happiness within my heart – I Love being me! Have motivation to set goals again. Gained the courage to change my situation and everything else fell into place. (Other people’s comments…) Yes, I’ve gained my confidence and positive personality back. Tania
Difficult to summarize a tangible benefit, but certainly much improved self esteem, confidence and self worth. My expectations were sceptical so the benefits gained was a bonus. Robert
I feel much different, memory better, less stress, mind more open. (Other people’s comments…) I should have had professional help earlier. Stephen
(Benefits…) Almost immediately nausea started to recede and bloating also. The loss of weight – hadn’t realised that was related to nausea. Thank you for overcoming and getting me back on my feet and starting a long process of recovery. Nina
I have achieved certain goals eg, quit smoking, certain emotional issues I had, seem to be healing. Smoking took about 7 months before I quit 100%. In the beginning I noticed I didn’t smoke as many and slowly stopped altogether. (Other benefits…) I felt I was becoming a slightly more stronger person emotionally. (Other people’s comments…) They couldn’t believe I had given up smoking so effortlessly. Mary
On the therapy, you may be interested in something that has ‘just happened’ recently – I have gone from an 8 cups a day coffee drinker to either nil or one. Not that I especially wanted to, or expected to, having been a lifetime coffee addict. Suddenly I am happy with a few cups of rather mild green tea! To me and to those who know me, this is really strange. BZ
Thank you George! Your dedication and caring allowed me to stop the landslide that was my life, and be present in my own decisions and the joy of being responsible for creating my own future. (Other people’s comments…) “The old Txxxxx’x is back”, “You’re much easier to be around now”, “You seem much more relaxed.” TF
(Benefits…) General Awareness of emotional states and well-being (and the need for emotional maintenance). Connection between emotional state and physical energy level. Confusion and fear initially, gradually this has become manageable. M