Module 6 – Working with the Body Business
with George Gintilas

This module will teach you more Somatic Mindfulness skills for building a more successful Private Practice.

How can you mindfully do this? In this final module we will be covering what normally doesn’t get allotted much treatment in most therapy training courses – the ability to run a successful business in Private Practice. There are not many courses around that teach the business basics for private health practitioners. I have had to wade through a lot of material and courses over the years extracting what applied to this industry, to make it work successfully. Now over four days you will get the benefit of learning the best of what worked (and didn’t work) over 25 years in private practice.

What also helped was my original training in business as an accountant with an honours degree in Economics and 12 years of corporate experience in the IT industry, before becoming a psychotherapist.

There are some fundamental practices that you need to get right if you want to succeed in your own business. Knowing the technical work as a therapist is not enough. There are other important skills to develop and plan for, that are very necessary to have a sustainable practice long term.

This will all be presented in the simplest way possible that makes sense, is practical to do and actually works (from experience.) By the end of this module you will know exactly what to do, and how to monitor if you are doing it correctly, for long term success.

There will also be exercises that are body based and unique to this work that will help you at a deeper level to free the blocks that limit you. So by the end of the module (and course) you will also be loving more – running your own practice.

I will be sharing some of my ‘secrets’ with you. For example: I will be opening up my database, where you will get to view on screen the statistics of where practically EVERY SINGLE of my thousands of clients over 25 years came from and why. I will be sharing (revealing) the exact numbers. So not just theories, but real live practical what worked and why and what didn’t work and why. With the real stats to prove it.

Early in my practice I was stumbling around frustrated for a number of years and wishing someone would employ me.
But my practice really gained traction when I discovered, learned and put into practice what I will be sharing with you in this final module.