Module 5 – Working with the Body Presence
with George Gintilas

This module will teach you more skills in working more deeply with yours and your client’s,  Body Presence.

What is your Body Presence?
It is the presence you feel when you embody your spirit throughout your body. Your spirit is the real you, you pre-thought. Over thinking can create past and future thinking stress that limits your presence. Only this moment is real and it is always this moment. Over thinking gets in the way of this essential fact. Working with your body and mindfulness is the bridge to this moment, this aliveness.

Major topics in this Module include:

Deepening your Body Presence
Working with Past Lives
Distant Healing
Coming into the Now
Releasing Ego through the Body

As people heal – and the questions of who we really are start to emerge, you will learn how to educate your client (when it’s time) on their true presence of spirit. As past fears and suffering release, you and your clients may begin to tap more into the divine, the true spirit of who they, and you, really are.

There are exercises you can do to help this process along. We will be covering some of these in this course. With each release your true nature emerges and navigating this process is important for people to ground and progress further.

This module will help reveal more of your spirit and conversely help release more fixed entrenched ego.
Be prepared for the potential of some amazing mind blowing experiences as you get closer to revealing more of your true spirit through your body 🙂

When will you use what’s taught in this Module?:

Some examples…
When a client has had a lot of suffering and can’t see a way out.
When a client is deeply stuck in a session.
After a session when a client is feeling lighter and freer and wants more integration of this freer state.
For your own centering, freeing and deepening of your presence when needed.

Through all the other modules preceding this one – if a client chooses to go further and deeper – will eventually reach this level that we will be working with in Module 5. This module will offer guidance to work with this emerging spirit body presence – for yourself and your clients.

My motto for many years has been “Your Mind is in your Whole Body”. With this module, the motto can be refined further to –

“Your Spirit is in your Whole Body – Right Now”.

Some highly recommended pre-reading for this module is Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now (and any other of his writings and talks.) Also Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul.